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Virtual make Automatic Weather Station offers scientific grade weather monitoring and precise values for weather research & analysis. Our weather stations are known for their precision measurements, rugged construction, wide operating temperature range and low power consumption. The standard weather station consists of a weatherproof enclosure which contains the data logger and power supply, and comes complete with a solar panel, tripod stand and basic range of sensors. You can transport the data to your personal computer / Server via Data shuttle / Ethernet / wireless telemetry, allowing the Weather station to stay in place for continuous monitoring / recording. "Virtualware Software". User friendly Windows based weather station software allows you to view collected data. Data file is saved in Microsoft's Excel format.


Sensors selection Guide for AWS (limited to channels availability)

● Air Temperature & Relative Humidity Sensor
● Wind Speed Sensor (3-cup type)
● Wind Direction Sensor (Vane Type)
● Wind Speed & Direction Sensor (Ultrasonic Type)
● Rainfall Sensor
● Barometric Pressure Sensor
● Solar Radiation Sensors
● Pyranometers
● Albedometers
● 2 / 4-Component Net Radiation Sensors
● Pyrgeometer 
● Pyrheliometer
● Ultraviolet Sensor
● Infrared Sensor
● Quantum Sensor
● Fog / Visibility Sensor
● Evaporation Sensor

● Passive Cloud Cover Sensor
● Snow Water Equivalent Sensor
● Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor
● Soil Moisture Sensor
● Soil Temperature Sensor
● Leaf Wetness Sensor
● Line Quantum Sensor
● PAR Sensor
● Infrared Remote Temperature Sensor
● Water Level (Shaft Encoder Type) Sensor
● Water Level (Pressure Type) Sensor
● Water Level (Radar Type) Sensor
● Water Level (Bubbler Type) Sensor
● Water Temperature Sensor
● Road Temperature Sensor
● PV Module Temperature Sensor

Download Leaflet

LF AWS_UPD_single page.pdf

Download Leaflet

LF AWS_UPD_single page.pdf


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